By Pesach Benson
Queue Management Systems are Touch and Go with SafeCounter
Once upon a time, customers viewed waiting in line as a necessary inconvenience. Not anymore. Now, customers feel disrespected by long waits. An easy-to-use queue management system shows you respect your customers, which in turn contributes to their satisfaction and loyalty.

A winning queue management system must be simple for your customers to use. With SafeCounter, your customers need only a scan a QR code with their phone. A ticket appears on their phone letting them know their number in line.
Covid changed the rules
Before Covid, pressing a button on a kiosk for a queuing number was normal.

Not anymore.

Researchers found that COVID can survive for 28 days on the hard surfaces of widely-touched items such as door handles, plastic seats, beverage dispensers, handrails, ATMs and touchscreen kiosks.

The path to infection is simple. A customer touches a kiosk touchpad that has infected respiratory droplets, then touches his or her face.

Smart queuing isn't good enough. People now expect touchless queuing.

A queue management system respecting customers
A queue management system that respects customers translates into customer loyalty. Among the findings of a 2015 study of European consumers:
said that reducing queueing time was a critical factor in how positively they perceived a retail brand.

said the value of their intended purchase had an influence on how long they were willing to wait in a line.
said they often left shops without making a purchase because they were put off by long queues.
In non-retail settings, such as hospitals or government offices, people are resigned to longer waits. When lengthier waits are unavoidable, it becomes incumbent on supervisors to manage customer expectations and keep clients safe while waiting.

Although no queue management system can reduce a customer's wait, SafeCounter takes the customer's expectations into account.

  • People are free to come and go while they wait for their turn.
  • The ticket on their phone keeps them updated on how many people are ahead.
  • SafeCounter alerts customers at certain intervals so they have time to return
  • SafeCounter even directs customers to the appropriate counter.

Customers feel respected by a queue management system that lets them monitor a line's progress without forcing them to stay in a crowded space.

In terms of safety, respect and simplicity, businesses with a touchless queue management system like SafeCounter are ahead of the curve.

Learn more about SafeCounter's touchless solutions and how they can be applied to your business or events.

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