By: Adam Friedmann
5 Reasons Smart Queue Management is Going Touchless
Until recently, self-service kiosks were the norm for smart queue management. Customers indicated the purpose of their visit by tapping a touchscreen and then taking a slip of paper. But all those points of physical contact are quickly disappearing as touchless systems come to dominate the queue management space. Why is this happening? Here are the top five reasons that businesses are going touchless.
1 – The Pandemic
Covid-19 has changed the way customers want to interact with businesses. Health and safety are priorities now. The constant presence of disease transmission is part of our general consciousness. Ticket kiosks, touched by hundreds of people a day, are a hot-spot for spreading viruses and bacteria. By getting rid of ticket kiosks, touchless smart queue management does away with this potential risk.
2 – Creating a Frictionless Experience
In the retail sector, brick-and-mortar stores are fighting to create a customer experience that matches the convenience of shopping online. The goal is frictionless retail which removes the pain points of in-person shopping. Companies are achieving this by introducing new technologies to the physical retail space. Touchless queue management is part of this effort. It removes one more annoyance that customers have to deal with while shopping, making the experience that much more enjoyable. As touchless systems spread throughout the retail sector they will become the standard for queue management.
3 – Personalized Customer Service
Customers interact with touchless systems through their own devices. This means they can be directly updated about queue information such as wait times and when their turn is coming up.
4 – Freedom to Road
When customers receive a paper ticket from a standard smart queue management system, they wait for their number to appear on a centrally located screen. This anchors the entire queue to one spot. The result is overcrowding. While they are waiting, customers also can't do other things, like shopping. A touchless system eliminates these issues by allowing customers to receive updates about the queue wherever their device has internet access.
5 – Low Cost, Headache Free
Another reason for the rising popularity of touchless systems is their low-stress implementation. These systems are available at low cost, and need not require new hardware or advanced computer skills. Because adding touchless functionality to smart queue management is so simple and inexpensive business owners feel comfortable trying it out, and this enables more businesses to make a permanent move.

Ready to Go Touchless?
Touchless smart queue management provides a whole new level of benefits over touch-based alternatives. It responds to our newfound sensitivity to health. It enables a convenient and personalized customer experience. And it does this at a low cost and without frustration. This is why touchless systems are taking off, and it's why you ought to consider one if you are looking for new queue management options.

If you are ready to take your queue management touchless, find out more about the SafeCounter system here.

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